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Classics & Customs

Carburator Rebuild & Tuning

Tuning carburators is becoming a lost art. The 509 Garage can rebuild or tune your carburator to improve your car's idle, acceleration & overall performance.

Engine Rebuild & Performance Upgrades

The 509 Garage can build your engine to fit your needs - from stock to extreme. We have an extensive knowledge of super high performance engines, Supercharger systems as well as knowledge of classic "stock" engine applications. We have an eye for details and experience with retro-fitting and customizing classic cars and hot rods. Call us to discuss what you are looking for in your project car.

Transmission Rebuild & Retro-Mod Upgrades

The 509 Garage can rebuild or upgrade the performance of your transmission on-site. If you are looking to modify your vehicle from a manual transmission to an automatic or looking to retro fit your classic car with a modern transmission, we can do the job!

Wiring & Aftermarket parts installation

The 509 Garage can handle wiring projects too! If you are looking to add an aftermarket accessory, having trouble with the headlights on your classic or need a new instrument cluster installed....we can handle it

We love classics & hot job is too small for The 509 Garage!

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